Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety

ARAS Marine Salvage and Construction Trade Ltd. is one of the first companies operating in this sector in our country and has been serving in the fields of salvage and marine construction for over 19 years. Our services in brief are as follows:

  • Marine Construction Services
  • Marine Salvage
  • Fuel and Freight Removal / Recovery from Survivor Ship
  • Tugboat and Floating Crane Services
  • Underwater Operations and Survey
  • Offshore Geotechnical Surveys
  • Intervention and Cleanup of Oil Pollution at Sea and Coast
  • Risk Assessment for Coastal Facilities and Preparation of Emergency Response Plans
  • Arranging Training Seminars and Exercises for Coastal Facilities

ARAS provides a service that exceeds the expectations of its customers with its "First Health, Safety and Environment" principle in all of its activities while performing its services. With the Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Integrated Management System we established, ARAS Marine Salvage and Construction Management guarantees that It will:

  • prevent the environmental accidents, occupational accidents and occupational diseases by assessing the dangers and the importance of the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety,
  • use natural resources most efficiently and effectively,
  • minimize the waste amount and dispose the wastes without harming the environment,
  • prevent and reduce any kind of pollution at its source and provide harmonious and responsive service to the environment,
  • train all working personnel and related parties, increase the awareness and competence of their responsibilities,
  • comply with national and international laws, regulations and conventions and other requirements,
  • meet expectations of all customer requests and related standards and exceed them,
  • constantly develop and improve the current status of the Integrated Management System,
  • ensure that this policy is communicated to all employees and understood.